One month anniversary

So I got a email from WordPress today that is has been a month since I started my blog. At the time when I started the blog I was hopeful, excited, optimistic and passionate about starting something new and different. I still am all the above however life, kids, depression, and disease will have you in your feelings. When I started the blog I wanted to write and post something once a week and I got 2/4 post up this past month. I was extremely ambitious and I can’t deny that not getting as much support on a new journey left me kinda bummed. I though have found myself learning new lessons or even relearning things. My happiness and drive should never depend on what others think, say or do. Sometimes that is easier said then done but I’m trying. 2 weeks into the month and I fizzled I was feeling all types of emotions going on within myself aside from the blog. Most recently I found out my dog has cancer. Not just any dog my dogs are my family, my friends they are everything to me when no else could or will be. I’ll probably dedicate a blog just to him everything he means to me, his diagnosis and treatment and explain how we will kick cancers ass together. For now I need to get myself back in the mindset I was at just a couple weeks ago but actually feels like forever. I need to get back into feeling like the world is my oyster. Not sure exactly what that means but it popped in my head and I wanted to sound witty. 😂 For now Happy one month anniversary to me.

The art of Cannoli making & Eating

So I love Cannolis!! I couldn’t tell you the first time I’ve ever had one but I will tell I personally think they are absolutely delicious. Cannolis are an Italian pastry from what I heard originated from Sicily. They are a fried pastry shell filled with ricotta cheese and sugar either granulated or confectioners depending on the recipe you follow. I can picture some sweet lady or man making an Italian dish and thinking we want dessert to go with our meal. Adding sugar to the ricotta usually a cheese found in lasagna and inventing this beauty of a dessert. I use dessert loosely because I could eat this morning, noon and night. Now making cannolis seems titaus, time consuming and damn near impossible for any old Joe but I’ll tell you it’s not. Some people settle for buying the shells and making the ricotta filling which is easy but I’ll tell you no way are the two the same. I’ve had cannolis from Mikes and Modern pastry in Boston on a few occasions but nothing will compare to the ones you make with your own hands. I purchased some metal tubes for frying the shells off Amazon for like $8, and I had in the past not had them at all and still was able to make them by assembling the dough as if I was rolling it over a tube and they still held it’s shape. You can find many recipes online. One of my favorites though is from an Italian cookbook by Elodia Rigante called Italian Immigrant cooking. While making the dough I felt like old school pastry chef knee-ding the ingredients and using a rolling pin in my cupboard – that I hadn’t touched in years. I felt good doing it authentic, old school maybe I could do this all the time and try selling these because who doesn’t love a cannoli. Well I didn’t do well on the selling part… maybe not many people are that into them? Or maybe because they aren’t coming out my shop on the north end of Boston. Not sure but I know my cannolis are just as good if not better. (My opinion better) 😅 I ending up eating them all on my own with the help of my daughters. I’ll have to pass this art along to my daughters because I guess every Sicilian girl should know how to make a cannoli. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” If you don’t know what that is in reference to then you have to watch the Sopranos.

Side note my mom had the Italian cookbook by Elodia for some time. I loved reading The Italian Immigrant cookbook when I was a little girl. Not only is it filled with recipes it’s filled with loved. The book has old photos of her family and stories and bits and pieces of her life. When I asked my mom if she still had it so I could get the cannoli recipe she couldn’t find it. She purchased one for me so thank you momma. And just like I as a young girl seeing this cookbook my own teenage daughter asked if she could look at it and enjoyed it just as much as me.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my newest adventure my blog. My name is Jolene cue that Dolly Parton song. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joooolene. OK I am not a man stealer though. FYI. 😂 I almost always have someone sing that tune when they hear my name. Anyways I started this blog for myself to try something new and do something different. I turned 30 a few months ago and prior to my birthday I definitely felt I was going through some changes. I’ve heard of mid Life crisis so maybe this was mine?! Not that I had a breakdown or anything but I’ve definitely had a breakthrough. Seeing more clear of what I want and don’t. Damn! Why’d it take me this long though. After the passing of Nipsey Hussle I did a lot of self reflecting. With that I started reading more books opened up my kindle app and started to read a book off prime reading. It was a free book and I’m cheap! So win-win. The book was called Glow Getter and I liked it. It shook me and woke me up a bit. I’ve been living in fear… I’m not going to anymore. Everything I want or wanted to do I will and I’m going to push myself to do so. So write a blog maybe start a YouTube channel but never did because of fear it wouldn’t be good or I wasn’t good enough. It’s all out the window now. All these random things like riding a horse on the beach to buying my own home are goals I plan on attacking and overcoming. I encourage people like myself to start living. We only have one life to live.. cue Drake “everybody dies but not everybody lives”. (That’s one of my favorite Nicki Minaj songs btw.) yes dance in the rain, watch the birds flying, inhale that beautiful air deeply as you feel the the wind touch your face. Be in tune to your mind, body, spirit and all the beauty in front of our own eyes.

Until next time that’s all for now..